Shearing Service


Payment is required at the time of service. Checks or cash are preferred. Credit card payments can be accepted; there is an additional 3.275% surcharge for using credit cards.

If for any reason you are unable to pay at the time of service, you will be sent an invoice; there is a $25 administrative fee for generating an invoice. Payment is due within 15 days. There will be an additional $10 fee for re-invoicing if payment is not received within 15 days.

Note: We only shear alpacas and llamas, sorry we don't do shear goats, sheep, donkeys, dogs, or anything else you might think needs a shave. LOL

You may find a sheep shearer in your area here:

In the KC area these people shear sheep.

We offer Shearing services for Alpacas and Llamas in Missouri, Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska.

WEEKENDS: We mostly work on the weekends, but arrangements can be made for the right farm.

Please have your Alpacas and Llamas confined to a small pen or haltered and dry. I usually schedule mulitple farms the same day so to stay on time it helps to have everything ready. If its going to rain the day of shearing, barn them to keep them dry.

I shear Alpacas on the ground & will need a space of at least 16 feet. I provide a large heavy duty mat to shear on. A covered area works best but shearing can be done on dirt, gravel or solid floor with use of the pads. I will need two strong post to tie off to for my restraints.

Llamas are best sheared standing up, haltered and tied to a strong post or a good board fence corner with a place to tie . A heavy eye bolt works best but a barn post or cross board will do fine.

There should be at least 1, 2, or more helpers available to handle animals & fleeces depending upon the number of animals being shorn. If you are new to shearing, then I will take time to look at your set up & make suggestions as to what would work best for you. I carry everything with me needed to shear such as halters, ropes, restraints etc. except for electricity which you must provide. I also carry a good first-aid kit for most shearing injuries. Although I try my best not to injure your animals, cuts can happen. You should also have wound spray & first aid equipment on hand.

If you have animals that are difficult to catch, I will instruct and assist you on how to catch them with the least amount of stress. Llamas can be very difficult and are capable of jumping a 4 foot fence if pressured.

Depending upon your setup and the condition of animals & fiber, I shear about 4 or 5 per hour.

Additional fees may apply! They may include: if we have to run after, corral, contain, carry your animals to the shearing stand; if animals have more than two year’s fiber growth; if animals have truly excessive manure tags, active scours, maggots, or non-organic debris in their fiber; if owners are not present. During high shearing season, if we arrive and animals are still out in the field and need to be caught, an automatic $75 surcharge will be assessed to the total fee. This is to discourage this practice (a) so that the animals do not get stressed out by having to be caught and (b) so that we can keep our schedule and arrive in a timely manner at each subsequent farm waiting for us. Pricing depends on location, condition of animals, quality of assistance provided and number to be shorn.

Release and Waiver Liability:

We enjoy working with all of you and the many friendships that have developed over the years through this business. We have never had an occasion in the past to necessitate calling upon such a document and trust that we would never have to call upon it in the future. However, we feel this waiver is necessary for our protection and yours.