About Us

Pat Mujica (Founder/Shearer)

During the week I work as a Sr. Systems Administrator (computer geek). On the weekends, during the season, I shear alpacas and Llamas. I ran Aconcagua Alpaca Farms LLC for 10 years. During that time we started with 15 alpacas, as we grew to 100+ we saw a need for someone to shear our alpacas to keep costs down. I trained under Matt Best of Best Shearing back in 2006. After a few years of practicing on our herd.. I perfected my technique and speed  enough to start shearing for other farms.  With my years of experience on the farm and show ring, I can also offer advice if I find something not quite right. I've found hernias, fiber blowout, ulcerated teeth, skin infections, and even pregnant females the owners didn't even know they had been exposed. 


 Elizabeth Mujica (Owner/Goddess at Mujica Residence)

I work at NorthWest Health Services as a Pharmacy Tech. My second job is taking care of the day to day business keeping up with 4 kids and all their activities. On my spare time I manage Midwest Shearing.com by scheduling appointments, determining the best routes, and keeping our clients informed on when they can expect us at their farms. I helped my husband run Aconcagua alpaca Farms LLC for 10 years. I did lots of healthcare, breeding, and general everyday maintenance of the day to day alpaca care. At one time we had close to 100 alpacas on our farm which required all hands on deck to keep up with them. With my years of experience on the farm and show ring, I can offer advice on how to care for and maintain a healthy herd. 


 Emma Mujica (Sr. Animal Manager/Marketing)

I am the Sr. Animal Manger Manager, in other words I'm the Boss of my two little brothers Keegan and Kaden.  I also float around and do various duties. I was born and raised on an Alpaca farm and I have lots of experience on handling them. I started helping out with Midwest Shearing in 2015. When I was a young tadpole I started off as the fiber picker upper and moved my way up to fiber managing. I used to work with my family on and off whenever I wanted to buy me something nice, lol. My dad doesn't pay me very well so I do appreciate tips. (:

Kaden Mujica (Sr. Head Handler)

I am the Sr Head Handler, and I've been working with my family since I was knee high to a grasshopper. I, too, grew up on our family farm and have been around alpacas and llamas my whole life. I don't have a lot of experience working with alpacas and llamas so don't ask me, ask my mom. lol. I usually help my dad by getting the alpaca in the correct position so he can shear them.  As I have grown, I also help put alpacas down on the mat, and wrangle them.

Keegan Mujica (Alpaca/Llama wrangler)

I am the bestest wrangler on this team, and even though I'm the youngest child I'm better than Kaden. (; I started Midwest Shearing in 2015 when I figured out I can make some extra coin. My Dad also doesn't pay me much so I do except tips, lol. I'm also the best with llamas, I might be the  youngest but I'm also the stongest too. So when they charge I grab em. (: When I was younger, some days I didn't have to go. But now that i'm older and I'm big enough to do the job, I have to go every weekend.